Monday, October 14, 2013

Banco Mercantil del Norte : brief history and corporate information

The northern commercial bank , was founded in the city of Monterrey for more than a century. Today and become the Grupo Financiero Banorte is the oldest and the fifth most important and largest financial institutions in Mexico , as well as being the only one who does not belong to any foreign group .


The northern commercial bank has its origin in 1899 , the year it was founded under the name of commercial Bank of Monterrey.

Many years later in 1947 another banking company was founded under the name of Northern Regional Bank , with a view to subsequently merge the two entities. This is also where in 1986 the Banco Mercantil del Norte .

During the process of bank privatization in 1992, was bought by the investment group represented by the Mexican businessman Roberto Gonzalez Barrera today remain major shareholders.

In less than ten years , they became what they are today. The acquisition of four banks, and the incorporation of new businesses, leasing services , leasing and factoring services , financial loans , insurance , pension funds and stock are currently Grupo Financiero Banorte.

Banorte Financial Group consists of the following group of entities , each of which performs a specific function in the world of investment banking . With more than 900 branches and about 12,500 employees , has a wide national coverage and offices abroad .

Banco Mercantil del Norte , Banco del Centro , Casa de Bolsa Banorte Lessor -Factor , Factor Banorte , Warehousing Banorte , Bonds Banorte Generali Seguros Banorte - Afore Banorte- Generali Pension Banorte -Generali , Credits Pronegocio , Banorte Securities

The Board of Directors consists of 23 directors, of which six are regular directors , five directors independent owners , six directors and six alternate directors alternates independent .

In keeping with the times and new technologies , have an online banking service available to its customers.

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