Monday, October 14, 2013

Banco Santander : what is the most remarkable of his portfolio?

Banco Santander is considered one of the best Spanish banks . It offers its customers a very extensive catalog that includes a wide disparity of products and services. In the following detailed highlights of this bank.

Santander Bank Growth

Santander Bank was created in 1857 through a union of traders Cantabria.

After so many years , and the absorption of a few banks both domestic and foreign capital , Santander has become not only one of the most important banks in the country , but also one of the most solvent of Spain multinationals .

Its current name , Banco Santander Central Hispano ( BSCH ) , dates from 1999 , when it merged with Banco Central Hispano (BCH ) .
Best products and services

The portfolio of products and services offered by Banco Santander is inexhaustible .

Focusing on individual customers , we must first note the importance of online banking . Thanks to this service can be made through Internet practically all the daily operations that a user performs in its bank.

In addition , Banco Santander has a very extensive branch network , with qualified staff to help customers resolve their doubts and to conduct banking operations .

Apart from this , the client 's Santander telephone counseling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As for the most important products , are the sight accounts with zero commissions and term deposits and structured deposits .

In regard to investment funds , Banco Santander is a leader in the Spanish market . It has the best specialists in the industry to offer the best advice and the right product for each customer profile.

The stock market is also important for Santander . Thus, this bank offers advanced online brokerage service , specifically through supernet 2.0 tool .

Finally , you can leave forgotten the vast catalog of both debit cards credit offered by Santander. Each of them has different characteristics , so that each person choose the one that best conform to their needs.

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